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It is what the standard SEO article writing service offers has prompted many businesses to care and use this service for their own business website.

Finding hcm seo services at the present time is really not difficult. Since the search engine optimization industry is almost saturated with a large number of seo companies being set up and operating very exciting, each unit has its own specialized SEO technique. especially to compete with each other in the fierce market.

Did you know that every day, millions of people on the internet use Google Search to perform a search query. It is a pity to ignore this great opportunity, all traffic to the website can be completely converted into orders when using our seo Ho Chi Minh service. Market capacity is limited, are you sure you feel satisfied in your business when most of your customers have fallen into competitors?

Compamarketing understands that having a keyword list of products on your website achieve high position in Google search rankings is an extremely important part of the overall marketing strategy of the business besides the sales channels. Retail & other media. That is also the reason why we got keyword seo in Ho Chi Minh City in the top 10 in a short time to 6 months) to help maximize the sales and investment costs for seo projects are also very is HCM seo service?

Is the service that businesses need to promote the growth of the website in certain key phrases on Google Search Engine. It is also an effective way to reach a large number of customers through online marketing.

When you hire a seo service, it also gives the authority to manage the brand's online reputation of the SEO solution provider. Your brand is widely promoted to the entire internet community.
How good is seo service in tphcm?

Not all hcm website services are the same, the key to the difference lies in:

    Consulting: Enthusiastic, responding to the right focus, choosing key phrases to target real customers.
    Seo method: Follow Google's safe SEO principle (white hat), use resources within the permitted level, especially do not use the hack / cheat search engine to quickly go to page 1.
    Core values ​​for customers: The journey for customers to make a decision to use any product / service is very complicated, so seo top is not enough. At Compa Marketing, we always pay special attention to customer insight so that we can refine the content so that it can be harmonized between superior Onpage technology and style, images must be attractive to score 10 points in the heart of customers .

With only 3 characteristics that seem very simple above, but not many seo services in Saigon today can ensure these basic elements.

SEO City hcm Service provides you with professional SEO services such as keyword SEO, overall SEO, local SEO with the criteria of sustainability, long-term help customers maximize profits when ranking in Google.

Pho SEO Company is one of the reputable SEO companies in Ho Chi Minh City. We always have a creative and hard working team to create the best products for customers. We always learn and create to make a difference when customers come to the company. We work not only for money but also for the trust and trust of our customers. Here SEO Street will solve all the problems that you encounter as well as website costs for keyword SEO of a website.

A sketch of website SEO plan, a progress on keywords to the top of Google. These will help you envision a successful development path on the SEO path that the online field that you are trading in. We are committed to you keywords will always top the position in the top Google otherwise we will completely refund the cost of SEO for you.

What is SEO service?

As a service that provides your website with Google search engine optimization, when you hire a seo service, the provider will solutions to optimize your website to get higher keyword rankings. on the Google rankings.

SEO services can be considered as a perfect and extremely effective marketing solution for businesses in the stage of marketing and promoting products. This can help businesses improve access from Google in a way that helps businesses increase revenue, increase their competitiveness with stronger and stronger competitors.

Why businesses need google website service

Now talking about the smartest search engine, making the most profit for businesses is the Google engine. The reason this search engine is currently accounting for 95% of Vietnamese consumers. So the top position in this search engine will help you reach more potential customers compared to other online marketing tools.

    Help customers find their website better
How to choose a reputable SEO service company:

1. Current and past SEO projects:

A reputable SEO business is always willing and confident to share a number of SEO projects for old and existing clients, which can provide both deployment plans and SEO time to demonstrate competence.

These references can help you evaluate how effective an SEO unit is, as well as verify how their SEO experience is.
2. How will you improve the rankings for my website

A professional SEO service company will provide the strategies they will apply to your website to increase the ranking of the website, and based on the competitiveness of the industry that gives an estimate of the time. deployment time.

And should suggest how your website should be Onpage technical to eliminate all the problems or factors affecting SEO such as broken links, 404 pages, not mobile friendly ... and how to solve it. to ensure the most friendly search engines. Including URL, internal link structure, title, SEO tags ...

In addition, you should also consult their on-page SEO strategies, signals Do you adhere to the webmaster principles of search engines?

You want to hire a professional SEO company and always adhere to Google's quality guidelines, especially never use black hat SEO tips such as: auto-generated content, hidden links ... If an SEO unit Applying this trick to your website is very difficult for your website to get a high ranking on Google, the worst thing is that your website will de-indexed by Google. And Bing, Yahoo have similar sanctions.

4. Can you promise the website will get rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo?

If an SEO service makes a commitment to keywords for your website, you should think carefully about this idea. It is difficult to commit to keyword rankings because it has to go through many factors such as competitors, search engine algorithms ...

One thing that is very worrying is that Vietnamese businesses often only care about keyword rankings, but forget a core issue is how the website has many free access, how to get lots of customers. and thereby develop sales.

A professional seo website service company will often advise you on how to develop a website, how to sell your strategy, etc.

5. Do you have experience in improving Local search results?

Appearing in top Local search results is especially important for small businesses to attract nearby customers. You will want an SEO company with expertise in Local SEO techniques.

If your website is optimized to meet the factors in "SEO Local" then it will appear that someone searches for keywords related to your field.

6. Will you share with me all the ways you will perform on my website?

Search engine optimization will most likely initially undergo a period of Onpage Technical optimization for your website. It is important for you to know exactly what SEO companies will do for your website.

7. How do you evaluate the success of SEO campaigns?

To evaluate the success of an SEO campaign, you must track exactly how much traffic comes to your website and where it comes from. SEO companies must have experience in using Google Analytics to track fluctuations on your website, the amount of traffic coming from the websites that link to your website, the type of search keywords ...

Vietnam SEO services

SEO services help to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine. SEO service providers offer a wide range of services such as keyword and keyphrase optimization and research, technical website SEO audits, optimization of specific pages, robots.txt and sitemaps and additional tasks as deemed appropriate for the client's website and business needs.
Vietnam web design Approach Vietnamese web design more from an online, With a team of front-end experienced many years, we proceed to cut PSD to HTML and customize, set the optimal interface and the same as the original design. Add effects to make

The Vietnamese Language

In Vietnamese, there is no such thing as capital letters or spaces like Western languages, this means that we aren’t being provided with the natural break for our eyes. This immediately makes anything written in Vietnamese look cluttered.

When you look further at Vietnamese characters, although often written in simplified Vietnamese , there are far more ‘strokes’ within each character when compared to western characters which make the writing also look busy.

A further issue with the lack of stemming within the Vietnamese when it appears online.

Stemming is a tool used by Search Engines to allow for variations of the word you are searching for, for example, you may search for Gardening but the stemming tool allows for results on garden gardens and even horticulture.

This is not as easy in Vietnamese and therefore, rather than search boxes you find web pages full of links to allow the user to get to the page that they actually want.

If you look at a typical Vietnamese website you will see a great deal of links on the homepage. This heavy use of links makes the website appear cluttered. However, there is a good reason for this.

Masses of links on home pages are needed for both SEO and because of the poor internet connections in Vietnam.
Why do you need Web Design?

Your website will serve as a vital marketing tool that enables you to reach out to prospective customers. However, website design agency provides web designs that go even further than this in functionality and are a powerful way to relay valuable information and build an online presence for your business. We create websites that engage visitors and tell them everything they need to know in an easy and comprehensive way. Without an outstanding website design, you cannot keep consumers interested enough to browse through your whole website and convince them to avail your services. We specialize in developing web designs that are capable of convincing your target audience to become your customers.

Without proper guidance, you may feel confused about which web design is ideal for your company. The website has the potential to increase the number of people it engages, generate traffic and strengthen your online presence. Web design agency helps you clearly represent your business through a website that is memorable and impresses visitors.
Looking for a Vietnamese Website Design?

ExtraDigital have a professional and creative in-house design team that can help you create a winning website to target the Vietnamese market. All of our websites, are design with marketing in mind so you have a website that helps you reach your target audience from day one.

We can help you to convert your existing English website into a Vietnamese version, or to develop a brand new Vietnamese website. Both e-commerce and non e-commerce websites are available.

    Consult you to understand the vision you have for the Vietnam’s market.
    Approach Vietnamese web design more from an online marketing point than a graphic design.
    Make it easy: simple site structure, easy to navigate, clearly display calls-to-action and contact information.
    Easy platform CMS (Content Management System) to edit everything on your site on your own.
    Content is King: we can either help you to do the Vietnamese SEO friendly translation or create organic copywriting in Vietnamese for your website. Both are integrated with targeted
    Vietnamese keywords to meet your Vietnamese customer demand. Also, keeping the fresh content updated is SEO friendly in Vietnamese online marketing.

Website Hosting

It is a common question: Does my Vietnamese website need to be hosted inside Vietnam? No, you don’t need to, however, we do suggest you to host it in Mainland Vietnam. Why? Please continue reading.

Website hosting inside Vietnamese
We recommend you hosting your website in Mainland Vietnamese if you have a business entity in Mainland Vietnam, as website localisation hosting should make your website more accessible to your target users, which helps with Vietnamese SEO.

If your website is hosted in Mainland Vietnam, you must obtain an ICP (Internet Content Provider) licence that is a permit issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to permit Vietnam-based websites to operate in Vietnam. The ICP licence numbers for Vietnamese websites can often be found on the bottom of the website homepage.
Website hosting outside Mainland Vietnam

If you don’t have a business entity in Mainland Vietnam, we would recommend to you to have your website hosted outside Vietnam. Hosting in Hong Kong will be a good solution as it is in close vicinity to Mainland Vietnamand makes your website more accessible to Vietnamese users.

Integrating social networks when designing websites in Binh Duong

Integrating the icons associated with the social networks commonly used today in the website design process in Binh Duong seems like a simple operation but indispensable. Because when the era of social networking sites came to the throne, the connection between channels together to create breakthrough sales effects was extremely necessary. Besides, the integration of this feature is also a plus for the SEO process for your website. From there, you can improve the exposure for your content and products to increase traffic.

Integrating social networks when designing websites in Binh Duong

Website design in Duong cannot lack security features

Security feature is the feature that almost receives the most attention from customers when leaving their personal information. Therefore, you need to build a website with high security features for your customer information to be able to create the credibility and reliability of the business. To do that, you need to build a strong security system for your own website to protect yourself before protecting customer information. You can use one of the forms of encryption like VeriSign, Trust E, SSL, ....

Conducting a package web design with branding interface:

After closing the hosting package domain as well as other agreements when designing the web, we proceeded to design exclusive website interfaces, applying the latest website design trends by professional designers.

Viet SEO is a website design company with a very high level of specialization in each stage, so that we can confidently complete the website programming service package and you can be assured of the people doing it. The project is for you to be an expert in their field, not a beginner novice programmer.

The interface was built initially with a PSD image file, customers can feedback and edit until satisfied so that Viet SEO can move to the next stage - programming the interface for the website.

Proceed programming the website interface:

With a team of professional programmers, including front-end and back-end developers, the interface and features on your website will be done by 2 parts, which helps optimize the work and shorten time. web programming.

With a team of front-end experienced many years, we proceed to cut PSD to HTML and customize, set the optimal interface and the same as the original design. Add effects to make the web interface lively and eye-catching, attracting users. When designing websites at Viet SEO, we are always committed to customers that the interface created is completely new, not identical to any website available on the internet.

In addition, not only ensure the best performance on the mobile platform, Viet SEO's website design package also ensures your web interface will display well on the tablet, laptop, desktop and giant screen platforms. giants like imacs, projectors, smart TVs, ... thanks to the built-in Responsive feature, this is the feature that helps your website to scale according to the screen based on the parameters of measured length and width. .

Back-end team with ASP, PHP programmers to meet all project needs, including new features required by customers, Viet SEO can confidently integrate all necessary features into website to support your business.
Reliable and secure website SEO services

However, as you know, owning a quality website is not enough for you to compete in the era of thriving online marketing today. Therefore, if you want to reach customers through the website, you need to have an optimal web operating strategy for the website to bring the highest efficiency after putting it into operation.

But some customers do not have much experience in Online Marketing as well as not understanding and proficient in website SEO techniques and they need a support service to manage and put their on the top. Understanding that as well as making the service package more perfect, Viet SEO is pleased to provide customers with the following additional services after completing the website as follows:

   Standard SEO content writing package

Data Recovery

Analysis HDD

Analysis HDD

When the hard drive can not get a lot of errors occur, the following are some common errors 1: - Category 1: Power hard drive does not spin. Often due to circuit board (PCB) may be defective or stuck due to motor or die - Type 2: Plug the hard ...

HDD password cracking

HDD password cracking

Password function HDD / SSD for laptops, desktops is essential for users to protect their data access avoid other people edit, delete or steal data on it. But if you forget the password, how do I retrieve the password was previously set? Search via ...

HDD Repair

HDD Repair

Some cases of damaged hard drive can repair and reuse normal. If the customer has failed drive like this could bring repair. - Hard disk board died. - Hard drive fails smart (smart fail alarm and demanding press f1). - Hard disk with bad ...

Data Rescue Ghost

Data Rescue Ghost

With over 10 years of operation we have researched and developed successful applications help recover 100% data being mistaken or Recover Ghost (Laptop). We always ensure the full restoration of data when lost due Ghost, Recover without any ...

Data Recovery SSD

Data Recovery SSD

Data saved in Vietnam SSD now we are the only center capable of recovering data on all lines of solid-state drive (SSD). We provide service Rollaway customer After a period of use of hard drives but encountered many errors are the most common ...

Data Recovery Bad

Data Recovery Bad

Bad sector is part disk platter surfaces become impossible to read, retrieve data. After a period of hard drives in use will appear called BAD SECTOR position, if the data on these sectors, the data we retrieved incorrect Data saved on the hard ...

Data Recovery Linux

Data Recovery Linux

With years of experience recovering data from systems Linux / Ubuntu. If your hard drive is no longer active, not received, emits strange sounds or you encounter any problems accessing data that is not please contact us for troubleshooting ...

Data Recovery Mac

Data Recovery Mac

With years of experience recovering data from Apple Macintosh (MAC) with the highest success rate. If your hard drive is no longer active, not received, emits strange sounds or you encounter any problems accessing data that is not please contact us ...

Computer Repair

Get install Mac os

Get install Mac os

- MAC OS newest copyright - Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8.4 to the line Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook White - for MacBook Windows OS: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8: Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Pro. What is Mac OS? Mac OS (Operating ...

Close chip vga monitor

Close chip vga monitor

During the operation, the chip VGA students a lot of heat, if the machine is not thoroughly cleaned, the amount of heat that accumulates dried thermal paste between the chip and heat sink fan. Without cooling, the heat of leg openings leading to ...

Windows - OS

Windows - OS

Services installed operating system, Windows 7, 8, 10 for all lines Laptop and PC. Undertake not to use Ghost to install, the installation cost is 100k / 1may. Install windows 7 price guarantee unbeatable HCM. Windows is an operating system ...

Laptop Screen Repair - LCD

Laptop Screen Repair - LCD

We receive repairs, replacement laptop screens, LCD credibility and prestige. If the customer's laptop screen broken or defective screen look to us for our professional services will help you fix the problem immediately, the instant. The ...